The Financial Times Essential Guide to Negotiations

This book provides what it promises on the cover – how to achieve win-win outcomes in each of your business deals.  A straightforward, practical guide that lists what is required to achieve success.

Geof Cox’s book comes with a great, logical and easy-to-follow structure:

1.Planning it

2.Doing it

3.Reviewing it

The writer recognises and comments older models for the negotiation process by Chester Karras, Roger Fisher & William Ury, Neil Rackham and others.

The recommended resources concentrate on prep work and communication skills as well as the effective use of set-piece negotiation models. Novices are warned about tricks and dubious tactics and for advanced negotiators, the author suggests strategies for complex situations, such as negotiating across cultures or with several stakeholders.

In line with the style of the FT Essential Guides series, Cox uses practical case studies and instances, along with easily adaptable tables and diagrams all throughout his book.

The task and results-orientated publication’s style is simple, clear and easily interpretable.  Reading Cox’s book itself is not a guarantee of success but following the steps, taking his advice and learning from others’ mistakes will definitely help you to accomplish negotiation success in the long run.

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