5 of the best…influencers on Twitter

Exceptional leaders hardly ever stop learning, they know they can always improve themselves. Twitter is a great resource for thoughts, ideas and good examples. Here are just some of the top influencers that we follow and retweet on leadership skills or company culture. Check out our selection:

Through Alison Green’s Ask a Manager profile you can ask her a question like ‘this is what my boss says, what does it mean?’ Send her your questions or learn from others’ cases.

Based in London, David Shepherd tweets tweets about Human Resources, employment law, pay, benefits, the labour market, data services, b2b media, and a whole lot more.


AadilTI3 Bandukwala is a social recruiting consultant with a history in Talent Acquisition and Social Media. Worth your while following him if you want to know everything about recruiting.

Daskal’s Twitter feed is about coaching, management, leadership, consulting. You can find truly informative  posts, inspirational quotes and pictures shared by her.

Dan McCarthy
, self-described leadership and management development geek. His profile has everything that has to do with leadership and management.



Who is missing from our list? Let us know in the comments below!