Join us for the 2016 Strengths Challenge

Can you hear it? There’s a revolution occurring in our workplaces, and it’s being led by employees – want to join in?

If you’re fed up with a job that drains your energy, a boss who undermines your confidence and the financial handcuffs that rob you of making the choices you desire, there’s a campaign underway and it’s aimed at restoring people’s happiness.

It’s called the 2016 Strengths Challenge and we are delighted to be supporting it.

You see, a decade ago 63% of us believed we’d grow most at work in our area of weaknesses. As a result, only a third of us could name our strengths – those things we’re good at and enjoy doing.

But today it’s all changing.

Earlier this year it was discovered that 64% of us now believe building on our strengths will make us more successful at work. In the 2015 Strengths@Work Survey people who said they had the chance to use their strengths each day at work reported:

  • Being more engaged and energized
  • Believing what they do makes a difference and is appreciated
  • Feeling like they are consistently flourishing

How are they pulling it off?

Join Michelle McQuaid, the VIA Institute, Live Happy and people from all over the world for a one-week strengths challenge and find out how just 11-minutes of doing what you do best each day can make all the difference in your job.

All you have to do is register your details here  and get ready to feel more confident, engaged and happy at work starting on 8 February 2016.