Business Development London (Business Coaching, Training & Consultancy)

Achieving effective organisational development and making successful changes is a challenge for many organisations. We can support you in improving the performance and culture of your business through OD interventions, facilitation and skills development. We will work with you to design the approach that best fits your requirements.

Our methodology includes Appreciative Inquiry (AI), which harnesses existing good practice and builds on the unique strengths of your company or team. Rather than finding and ‘fixing’ problems and weaknesses, Appreciative Inquiry focuses on what is already working and uses this to create positive change.

For specific groups of staff we offer facilitation and team coaching, for strategy development, team building or to enhance innovation and create solutions. We also offer a range of Organisational Development consultancy options, from short-term reviews, analysis and reports, up to longer change management programmes.

We bring dedicated expertise to support your efforts of creating a more effective organisation with a culture that underpins its success. All Organisational Development and change management interventions are bespoke to the client organisation. We use evidence-based approaches and positive OD methods, including an innovative range of change techniques, such as the Switch model, the Work-Out method or World Café. We combine them for best effect depending on the organisation’s culture, previous change activities, the deliverables, timings and the level of involvement and availability of key stakeholders.

Where appropriate we use Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to identify existing good practice, and build on the unique strengths of your organisation. Rather than finding and ‘fixing’ problems and weaknesses, Appreciative Inquiry focuses on what is already working to create positive change. This facilitated process allows companies, their employees and customers to play an active role in identifying a positive change topic, discovering the best of what is in place, establishing an ideal outcome, designing the change process and delivering on their plans.

As part of the project delivery, workshops, training and coaching are offered to teams or individuals to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful.

Team Development

The effectiveness of a team is determined by the way in which its members relate to each other and to their shared goals.

We offer a number of bespoke interventions to assist you with the development of your team.

Many organisations find that bringing an expert external facilitator provides objectivity, a fresh pair of eyes and makes for an effective process.

This service is available for just an hour or several days, depending on your requirements.

Our team development offer includes:

- Facilitated team meetings or strategy days to add an objective, results-focused dimension to the way teams plan their strategy and execute their work

- Dedicated team building activities for improved relationships, communication, enhanced innovation and solutions-focus

- Team coaching allows members to consider their individual and joint contribution to organisational priorities. Participants create agreement on what really matters to the whole of the team, set challenging goals and agree on how these will be achieved.  Teams are encouraged to identify and acknowledge their diverse strengths and to build on these for high performance

- The VIA or Realise2 Team Strengths report, which – based on individual survey responses – identifies the individual and collective strengths in your team, so that you can develop and build on these strengths for even better results   The role of coach or facilitator is to drive the process, ensure effective contribution from all and provide challenge to team members, while ensuring that responsibility for the goal, action and mutual support remains with team members.