Celebrating women in leadership

Against the backdrop of Theresa May taking office as the UK’s second ever female Prime Minister and Hillary Clinton potentially becoming the first female President, women at work are still paid significantly less than men and there are fewer of them the higher up the management ranks you look.

Yet there are some shining examples of women at the helm of corporations, their own companies and communities.

As an increasing number of female leaders find their way to the top of organisations and find their voice, one thing is clear: enabling women in leadership benefits all.

It is not a binary or a win-lose issue. Female leaders do not succeed against their male counterparts, they succeed alongside them and with men. Women’s progression benefits all, including male employees as gender balanced organisations are more inclusive, better places to work as well as being more successful.  

I also strongly feel that the way forward for women is not be more like men, but to add a different, complementary voice to the conversation. Where everyone is emboldened to be his or her authentic best self, the organisation truly benefits from culmination of all talents within. Over the coming weeks, we will showcase some exceptional female leaders on this blog. You can also access the Women in Leadership issue of People & Purpose the Positive Leadership Journal: http://peopleandpurposejournal.com/issues