Big Data by Bernard Marr

Big Data is an expression that we hear often but not everybody understands what it is and how to use it beneficially. Bernard Marr’s book is a guidebook for all businesses on harnessing the potential of data. He argues that data by itself is valueless, data only has value if it is converted to insight– what he terms Smart Big Data.
Marr explains why “Big Data is the heart of the smart revolution” – and details how every facet of our life and world has become smart: health, parenting, homes, sport as well as love. Really successful companies realise who are their customers, what are they doing, what do they like, what are their needs now and in the future. Those businesses have that knowledge because they have collected their customers’ digital trace and know how to use that data.
Marr’s award-winning book is a practical guide, loaded with tips for business owners, leaders, managers or anyone working within this field. It’s a reader-friendly book about what could have been a dry topic. For all those who aren’t convinced in the importance of Big Data, Marr makes a convincing case that it is a phenomenon and sensible use can lead to success.
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Agi Galgoczi